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Your Future. Your Fund.

First Run Workshop

Thank you for thinking of joining us for our inaugural run of our Venture Builder workshop. The workshop is largely based on our collective experiences building, managing, investing in, and advising a handful of organic venture funds. While the origins of each of those funds varies (including family office incubation, corporate spinup, startup side car and non-traditional new manager), the core playbook is similar.

Our goal is to provide high capacity future fund managers with enough foundational insight to start their exploration toward a more principled approach to fund building. While we make no claims that we are Midas (if we were, we would be on an island), we are confident that we can accelerate your time to market, avoid a few typical new fund pitfalls, and increase your chances for desired outcomes.

The objective is simple. We want you to walk away with more clarity on what kind of fund you will build, and how you will go about building it. We want to ensure that you have at least one powerful hack in your back pocket and one area you feel compelled to go explore in greater depth. We hope you leave feeling emboldened to begin your journey in pursuing your venture ambition.


While we could certainly deliver university-style lectures based on the depth of the content, we’ve chosen a more interactive format. We will start the day with a small way finding and thesis exploration activity, followed by a primer of where we are in this new venture cycle. From there we will break for a quick lunch before digging into the fundamentals of venture building:

POC fund development
Franchise building
Syndicate mapping
Portfolio construction
Fund architecture
& a Few other threads...

Lastly, we will wrap the day with an interactive session focused on helping everyone take the next natural step in building their venture platform when they walk out the door.

We hope you will join us...


Taylor Adams

Taylor began his career working with a family office ($500m+ AUM), founded in 1962 to preserve and maximize the assets of several high net worth families in Southern California. Taylor was initially focused on the acquisition of distressed, privately held companies in 2007 & 2008 and worked within those companies as part of the turnaround team. He transitioned out of Private Equity to focus on the investment and management of the groups’ primary asset class: industrial and multi-family real estate. After building a strong foundation in alternative investments, Taylor identified a significant opportunity to incorporate early-stage venture capital into the firms’ overall investment strategy. He founded Noname Ventures in February of 2016 without any prior experience or relationships in venture investing. He has since deployed millions across 14 venture investments and is well on his way to building a long-term venture franchise.

He now has over ten years of investment experience across private equity, real estate, and venture capital. He teaches entrepreneurship at Harvard-Westlake School and served on the Board of Directors of Homeboy Industries. In his capacity as the Chairman of Noname Ventures, Taylor invests in great humans who are on their journey to greatness. He works closely with entrepreneurs as they bring new technologies to market and supports them as they build visions for the future that have transformational impact and value.

Taylor's passion for human transformation led him to start The Meaning Foundation, a non-profit focused on transforming the lives of marginalized individuals by eliminating barriers to meaningful employment. The Meaning Foundation operates a workforce development, training, and staffing agency called Empowered By.

He believes that the fundamentals of value creation and value capture are the driving force for prosperity, and he is committed to supporting humans and organizations as we access visions for the future that we believe in, have value for, and are committed to … Visions for the future that are so meaningful and abundant that we cannot avoid taking action to move towards them. Playing a small role in that journey is what brings Taylor fulfillment. Capturing some of that value is what makes the journey sustainable, scalable and repeatable. Taylor is dedicated to providing exceptional investment products and services for future generations.

Christian Gammill

Christian is the founder of TBD Ventures, where he works with startup founders and new fund managers as an advisor, board director, and LP investor. Prior to TBD, Christian was the co-leader and co-architect of Technicolor’s $50m venture platform that consisted of incubation/spinout, LP positions in a Fund of Funds ($9B AUM), NorCal based venture funds ($100m AUM), & the formation of an LA-based seed fund, Technicolor Ventures (with exits to Marketo, Shopify, Flipboard and Nokia).

Prior to Technicolor, Christian spent a decade on the frontlines of early stage startups, first as a research chemist (1 exit), then as an advisor (2 exits), and culminating in his role as a co-founder of an early social commerce platform (painful almost exit). Before that, he had a successful global run at IBM where he built a $2B customer acquisition model (before NPS, LTV and Big Data where things), and drove a focus on early iterations of equity based customer experience (before CX was a thing).

Raised by a PhD research chemist, he has the unique ability to work both broad and deep across different categories and industries which brings him great joy, and brings his collaborators unfair advantage.

Camden McRae

Camden received his undergraduate degree at Harvard, attended Stanford Law school, and has worked in the startup & venture ecosystem in Silicon Valley. In college, he studied psychology, specifically engaging in research around motivation, social dynamics, and the intricacies of aligning human incentives. This work pushed him to be more deeply introspective, and he realized that he was on a relatively linear, “safe” path that would lead to conventional success, but a lack of deeper purpose or meaning.

After a brief time pursuing opportunities with sports agencies & in the NBA, Camden really found his passion working in startups & venture capital. He co-founded a consumer company that led him to become a Fellow at Lightspeed Venture Partners. This first experience really pushed him to explore a broader range of opportunities, including creating a legal software product with a team from Stanford, and taking the Series 65 Exam for Investment Adviser Representatives. Camden is a member of the Executive Committee of the Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs of Southern California, working to unify and enrich the Stanford community by facilitating investment, education, and mentorship opportunities for entrepreneurs and alumni investors. Most recently, he became a Fellow with Alchemist Accelerator.

Camden joined the team at Noname Ventures and began working with The Meaning Foundation, a non-profit focused on transforming the lives of marginalized individuals by eliminating barriers to meaningful employment. All of his work shares a common goal - bringing great people together, working with them to fully realize their potential, and helping them find passion & fulfillment, both personally & professionally.